Goddess of Healing, Fire and Cleansing
Symbols: The Steaming Chalice or Bowl, the Medicinal Lance
Known Organisations:

Those who worship Saurimé are those who require healing, and the heat, the fires and the vapours are her tools. Medicine is almost exclusively practiced by those of the Sauriméan faith, and they have long utilised her sacred fires to bless waters, which in turn bless the holy instruments needed to excise bad flesh or seal wounds. Inhaling waters blessed by her flames can cure many ailments, and it is a well-known fact that the high temperatures one feels when suffering greatly is Saurimé visiting them to heal them.

The town of Kettle was originally named in her honour, and the hot springs there were proof of her good favour. Thaurisian Amra Elixirs, said to cure any sickness and prevent the Fourteen Ailments, contained the waters from Saurimé's Kettle and were a fad for some time. The heat there has died, however, and many in the town believe that Saurimé has left, perhaps angered by the town's readiness to ship away the waters.

Sauriméans are often at odds with the new faith springing up from the worshippers of Czerczak. They deny healing, claiming that alleviating suffering keeps people weak and away from the rewards their Goddess brings.


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