Goddess of Strength, Endurance, Deprivation
Titles: "Mother Martyr", "Martyr Mother"
Symbols: Three Blood Drops, the Scorpion
Known Organisations: The Cult of the Sting

Her primary worship is that of those who require strength, fortitude and feats of puissance to win through. Typically a soldier's choice, and usually picked up by those who desire to become great through might. For the longest time her followers were unsophisticated, only seeing the need to pray to be granted the power to overwhelm whatever enemies they saw. However, a new form of worship is slowly gaining ground amongst the faithful.

As the Cult of the Sting teaches, Czerczak grants strength to those who choose sacrifice and deprivation as their path, a reward for giving through pain and suffering. Those who have been laid low and survive through darkness are made her blessed and will be given strength to overcome all that they have witnessed, and more besides.

This view is especially tempting to farmers and peasants in ailing communities, who do not see hope or who have already felt that the Gods had turned from them.

The Cult of Sting has knowledge of the language of Mehram, an older language using an unfamiliar runic script and said to be "pure" and "without ambiguities". They use some of the basic symbols to mark their areas of worship, and presumably to communicate with each other, although exactly how much of the language they might know or restrict dependent on rank is unknown.

Furthermore, the Cult is opposed to the worship of Saurimé. The idea of delivering someone from suffering is anathema, as you are denying them the demonstration of their endurance through pain and thus their reward of the great strength Czerczak can grant.


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